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Who Are We

A Podcast For Parents

When Porsha was a youth pastor in Newark, NJ, she was responsible for over 200 kids. And with kids came parents. At every parent meeting, parents asked her for more meaningful ways to connect with their middle grade children.


Well, the truth is in the data. 


According to the Child Mind Institute, children begin disconnecting from their parents as early as age 8.


In a study we conducted, 100% of 51 parents reported having little to no idea how to effectively engage their children ages 10-14 and the majority mentioned they wished there was a podcast they can listen to while on the go to equip them with ideas and approaches for engaging their children. 


We created the 19th and Junior Podcast Network to fulfill this need for confident parenting.


With podcasting growing into a billion dollar industry 19th and Junior is the only weekly podcast which serves BIPOC parents, guardians, and families with meaningful content to foster connection through personal storytelling, Black history and current events. Like the hope of emancipation communicated by the Black Union Soldiers to the enslaved on June 19th 1865, 19th and Junior is the good news that communication is the key to liberation and building lasting relationships with their kids for generations to come.


From our survey data four key features emerged that form the foundation of the 19th and Junior Podcast 


1. Education, 2. Reflection, 3. Community, 4. Social action.

  • Education is the aspect of the podcast where the informative content is relayed in a way that parents can communicate difficult ideas. 

  • Reflection feature helps parents share their personal story with prompts to form connection.

  • Community forums are where parents and guardians can ask questions of each other as well as monthly virtual gatherings sessions with experts.

  • Social Action feature provides suggested activities to creatively engage with your children.


As a result of these four features, parents will restore their confidence in parenting in a screen addicted world. We know from first hand that talking to a child, affirming their humanity, and being willing to share your story, will ignite trust and transparency for years to come.

The truth is each and every one of us want to know: do you see me? Do parents see their kids? Do kids see their parents? No matter the age, lets build and restore relationships with confidence.


Join us on a mission to foster meaningful human connections through podcast content that restores confidence in parents and ensures that every child is seen and heard. 

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