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Reflections on Good Friday from Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday thoughts: Humbled. Honored. Thankful. I preached two rounds on the hardest day of the liturgical year. Good Friday. I thank you all for your continuous prayers as yesterday stretched me. I've come to journey with Jesus not just as my savior, but also as a man who was crucified as a criminal. A man who died for our sins, but was also snitched on by one of the homies. As a brown girl from Bridgeport, the story of Jesus as a Palestinian Jewish man from the hood of Nazareth born of a teenaged mother, who was charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced to the death penalty resonates with me and lives of those whom I serve. My high school was steps away from a local penitentiary. My home is just a block away from the projects. I have family members who have gone to prison and served time. Not all of them have made it out of prison alive. But I say that to say, and I have looked at Holy Week and the Resurrection differently this year. Not as a story of the washing of my sins, but as a narrative of the incarcerated and a triumphant ReEntry. Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, I will celebrate Jesus as a returning citizen, who also happens to be the risen savior of the whole world.

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