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They Have Shown Their Faces

(S)aints. Make no mistake about it. The Neo Klan is here. Actually, they've been here... And what we saw last night at UVA in Charlottesville, VA proves it as they shouted racial slurs and rallied with tourches in the streets. 

‪Rev. Traci Blackmon (@pastortraci) said that they're not wearing sheets y'all. They're wearing polos and wearing oxfords. They look like students. Sheets are off.‬ Millennial Klansmen (and women) are walking our streets, plotting, planning, and gathering right in our very midst in order to keep the legacy of the KKK alive. More importantly, they have shown their faces. 

Their very presence reminds us that thier great great great great grandfather named Racism is still very alive and is giving marching orders while being on life support with an awesome health care plan in a hospital we didn't know existed. Some of us thought racism was dead and that we are seeing a spirit of Racism possessing a new generation. No. Racism is alive. And this is not a drill. This is not a resurrection of Racism, nor is it spirit possession of Racism. You can't resurrect what has never died. These alt-right millennials refused to let it die and some of us refused to notice. But as for the rest of us... we must remind ourselves that black power have never died. Our elders of Black Power, Resistance, Resilience, and Justice are also alive. And we are their children. My pastor, Rev. Dr. Anthony L. Bennett is down in Charlottesville with other clergy from around the nation. He reminds me daily that we must be still enough to feel not only the presence of God, but the presence of the ancestors. They speak to us as they have not left us. And then we must have the humility and maturity to hear the wisdom of the elders, as they have been here before. While we black and brown millennials have the stamina, we must rally alongside those who have the wisdom. And so, together, our community needs to rally. Not just when something happens, but consistently meeting, plotting and planning. This uprising of whiteness is real. They have shown their hand. Their whole hand. So what we going do about it?  

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