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7 Days of Kwanzaa: Ujima

Habari Gani?! Ujima! (Collective Work and Responsibility)

To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers' and sisters' problems our problems and to solve them together. We build One thing after another Hand to hand Brick by brick We build Schools Churches Community Programs Initiatives We build them together We each have what each other needs Everything that we need to succeed is within ourselves We A whole community has the tools Has the resources The financial security We A self sustaining organism when we let it do what it was designed to do Build communities Without you there is no me Without you and me there is no we Her burdens are my burdens Her struggles are my struggles When she hurts I hurt We share each others load Survival We need each other to survive Not just in our work But in our daily lives We have a responsibility to one another To ensure that each one of us has the right to the life and happiness that we’ve been denied When one of our businesses fail We all fail When one of us succeeded We all succeed When one weeps We all weep When one rejoices We all rejoice Our communities are better served when we come together The spirit of togetherness and unity is what we will forever need  

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