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An Affirmation of Love: A Relationship

I like affirmations. That's no secret. Here is one that I wrote in regards to relationships. One that affirms the self, but also affirms my future parter. In case folks wonder, "One" is meant to be fluid. Whomever your "One" is, I pray that you two shall find each other,

I deserve love

I am love

I have love

I am loved

I attract love

God is love

God is in me

I have love in me

Love will come

Love has come

Love is here

I am open to love

I am emotionally available to receive love

I am ready to receive the love that God desires for me

I love myself

Love loves me

I love love

Love chooses me

I choose love

I am a child of God

I am a queen

I am enough

I deserve to be seen and not a secret

I am a wife to be

I will get married

To One who is kind

To One who loves God

To One who loves oneself

To One who loves family

To One who is patient

To One who is not self seeking

One does not envy or boast

One is full of joy and humor

One is gracious and merciful

One is gainfully employed

One is ambitious

One is educated

One is adventurous

One loves Me.

Yes, One loves me.

One wants me

One is forgiving

One is gentle

One does not fear commitment

One will be devoted to me and me only

One is compassionate

One is a child of God

One is a royalty

One is enough

One will be proud to be seen with me

One will proclaim one's for me love publicly

One is my spouse to be

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