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Do Better

Dear God, 

Help me to be a better steward of my time.

I need to do better.

I need to be better.

I need to prioritize the things that matter the most.

I need not to think that some things and people are more important than the next or latter. 

I need to be more present to the moment.

Feeling my very own heartbeat.

Feeling my breath.

Reminding myself that I am here, now.

Now is what I have.

I will do better.

I will be better.

I am better. 

I am here because a word was spoken. 

We are all here, right now, because a word was spoken and it was so.

You spoke and therefore, I am.

On the breath + words of the divine, I am here.

Right now, in this very moment. 

I am here.

The time is now.


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