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Celebrating Sisterhood: Liz

Today, I celebrate the birth of my best friend, Liz.

Liz is more than just my friend.

She is my sister.

We all need a friend like Liz.

The friend who will pray for you.

(Like really praying for you. Not that, "Oh I'm praying for you," and never really does it.)

The friend who isn't afraid to call you on your stuff. The friend who sees the best in you when you can't see the best in yourself.

The friend who can cry when you're sad and celebrate your triumphs.

The friend who not only supports your dreams but has the ability to see it with you.

The friend who allows you to be your whole and authentic self.

The friend who shows compassion and grace.

The friend that reminds you that God is real.

The friend who gives you space to dump your stuff.

The friend who can trust you to hold their stuff.

The friend that everyone deserves to have.

Liz has taught me more than I could ever imagine. Here are my two favorite "Lizdom" quotes:

"Maybe it doesn't work out because it's just not right. Sometimes, things should just flow. Everything shouldn't be a battle."

On Christian serivce: "We are people of the resurrection, but yet we are afraid to die."

Finally, today, she is on my podcast! Take a listen.

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