Alan Pelaez & Ariana Brown: We Are Owed. Fall 2021 Tour, Black Futures & Queer Kinship

Happy Friday! Today like every Friday we are featuring people doing amazing work. Poets Ariana Brown and Alan Pelaez Lopez join forces this fall to offer a virtual, interactive, artistic experience. Swipe to read more and read below for more information about both artists in their own words:

Ariana Brown is a queer Black Mexican American poet from the Southside of San Antonio, Texas. She is the author of the poetry collections We Are Owed. (Grieveland, 2021) and Sana Sana (Game Over Books, 2020). Ariana's work investigates queer Black personhood in Mexican American spaces, Black relationality and girlhood, loneliness, and care.


Ariana Brown considers how cis-heteropatriarchy and white supremacy inform the construction of cultural and national identities. Using poems and research from her new book, We Are Owed., Brown interrogates the accepted origin stories of Mexican and Mexican American identities, focusing on histories of Black relationality and resistance in Texas and Mexico.


Alan Pelaez Lopez is a poet, essayist, and a cultural critic trained in multimedia writing. Their poetry investigates the realities of undocumented migrants in the United States, Black futures, and the complex kinship practices that transgender and non-binary people build to speak back to power.


While they are an artist, Alan has also been organizing with undocumented migrants in the United States for over ten years and firmly believes that art is a portal into the future, but which future? That depends on the artist and the ideologies that move them.