Art, Dance, Political Organizing, & Non-Hegemonic Bodies by Afrochingonas + #WelcomeWithDignity

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Happy Friday! Today we are featuring #WelcomeWithDignity and @AfroChingonas, both doing awesome work for humanity.

The Dignity Project is a storytelling initiative featuring the stories of families and children seeking asylum and refuge in the United States. The Dignity Project reaffirms the need to #WelcomeWithDignity via their campaign.

The #WelcomeWithDignity campaign seeks to reimagine our asylum system and defend the rights of those seeking protection to welcome families, children, and adults, advocate for the restoration of asylum rights in the United States, and create a more just, humane, and dignified approach to protecting migrants fleeing danger.

You can learn more at


AfroChingonas Valeria Angola, Scarlet Estrada, & Mar Bella Figueroa are the hosts of #afrochingonas, a podcast dedicated to exploring various themes based on their everyday living in Mexico City as young Black Latinx women.

In their latest episode, they and other academic and activist women/experts in Mexican Black history carry out an exercise in rewriting the memory of the Afro-descendant presence of this territory that we now call Mexico. They dedicate this episode to all the people who came before them: their ancestors.

You can learn more at #afrochingonas and their Instagram @afrochingonas .