Black Lives Still Matter

Yesterday, for a moment, we thought we saw a glimmer and a glimpse of hope with the announcement that Derek Chauvin would be tried as guilty for the murder of George Floyd. To be clear, this case was not about justice, but more so about police accountably. Justice would be Mr. Floyd alive and well. As we know, this is not possible.

For a moment, we thought we saw hope. We thought.

At 4:30pm EST, Ma'Khia Bryant was shot 4 times in the chest by a police officer. Ma'Khia called the police as we was being attacked by other girls. She called for help and was murdered in the process.

No sooner than the verdict being read, another Black life was stolen. This time, a child.

Ma'Khia, like Tamir, Trayvon, and many others, were children.

Why are excessive force and drawn guns an appropriate response to children?

The system is broken. We know this. However at this point, the only way to fix the system is to tear it down altogether. This nation called America was built on systemic racism and white supremacy. We must also ask ourselves: how and why does this nation continue to fail its children? Where can a Black Child go in America where they can feel safe?

It is our job to call it out. Call out the racism and in the injustice. Black Lives Still Matter.
Black LIFE still matters.

It is our hope that everyone would eep that same energy. In the same ways that we have shown up for Black men who are murdered, we are hoping that you would also take a stand for Black Girls.

Ma'Khia should still be here. She should be making TikTok videos and doing the things that Gen-Zers do.