In Conversation with: Lisa Holden of Mental Realness Magazine

Mental Realness Mag (@mentalrealnessmag) is a Black woman created and curated literary zine dedicated to the mental wellbeing of Black women and femmes. Founded by creative Lisa Holden, Mental Realness Mag has been around since 2018 and has touched upon many different topics such as Gender and Sexuality, and rightful Black woman rage. With its DIY zine foundation, MRM has been taking submissions from communities and amplying their artwork and voices in an accessible way, while creating physical zines along with digital copies. Holden’s goals for the zine are to continue creating a larger space and platform for the Black community and to help promote Black women and femmes' stories with more nuance and specific context.

I was lucky enough to have a sit down with Lisa and chat about the zine, mental health, and body liberation. Check it out here!

For more information on the zine, follow Mental Realness Magazine on social media @mentalrealnessmag. For more information on submission guidelines, click here or email

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