The Darkest Hue: "Facilitating The Uncomfortable Conversations"

Welcome to Thursday’s Blog! New PM Creative, Palmira, here!

Today I want to highlight a platform that has had a profound impact on social media, communities offline, and on me personally. I’m talking about the community organization called The Darkest Hue (IG @thedarkesthue), A platform dedicated to educating people on the effects of colorism, texturism, fatphobia, and ableism through the specific lens of dark skinned Black women. The Darkest Hue has been featured on multiple publications such as Ebony, Forbes, The Today Show, and the platform continues to grow its audiences and community.

With conversations on pop culture, global issues, and campaigns dedicated to crowdfunding and mutual aid, The Darkest Hue has been able to break barriers and start substantial discussions on the affects that colorism has on the Black community, both socially and economically. What makes the platform so special is how its creator, Columbia University star student Tigidankay Saccoh, is able to distribute such heavy information, theory, and perspective in an accessible way, that is short form on Instagram.

Along with the platform, Saccoh juggles student life with The Darkest Hue platform, along with the non profit organization, You Can Too, dedicated to matching Black and Brown high school students with colleges. Saccoh continues to service Black and Brown communities producing and speaking in diversity panels at colleges and universities. To learn more about the Darkest Hue, request a consultation with the organization here.