Think. Create. Relax. Repeat.

I love being a creator.

I enjoy generating ideas and developing them into a clear vision so that I can form a thorough plan and move forward with the best course of action. This “thinking” phase is what jumpstarts and leads to a successful project – the more refined, the smoother the execution. However, it’s important to not get wrapped up in the little details and have the flexibility to change course. You cannot plan for EVERYTHING, so make sure if something unexpected comes up, you can take it in stride.

The fun part is the actual creation. What I love about being a creator is that it keeps me active, engaged, and interested in the work that I do. I focus on storytelling and sharing stories with communities so that they can feel connected with each other. To do this, I construct narratives using audio and/or visuals to convey them best. It’s fulfilling to see and hear what I produce because I know that my work is exposing people to new knowledge and helping deepen human connections. It’s especially rewarding when I put in a lot of time and effort into a project because I know how hard I worked to get to the end result.

But being a creator is tough. In any industry and for any medium, creating takes a lot of energy and requires inspiration to constantly pour out from your brain to pen and paper. Similar to writer’s block, you can get creator’s block and get stuck, not knowing what your next project will be or if your next idea will stick. Additionally, burnout is real. It can be exhausting to expend so much creative energy and get back up to do it again the next day. That’s why creators need to take some time to rejuvenate themselves and relax so that they feel refreshed when tackling the next thing. It will also help clear their minds and allow a flow of fresh ideas come to life.

Remember, mental health comes first. Your next idea can always wait. It’s just a matter of when you are in the right headspace to start. So, take your time and when you are ready – think, create, relax, and repeat.

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