Porshanality Media Services

Here at Porshanality Media, we serve our clients from start to launch with pre-production, production, and post-production services along with educational and coaching services. 

The Porshanality Full-Production Process:


This service starts at $20,000 with a minimum 50% deposit*


Prepare your Podcast:

As you prepare for your podcast, our team will lead you through a 1:1 process over 2 sessions that covers some of the following:

The why of your podcast

Core values and the purpose 

Listeners and your market 

Show format

Sound design 


Planning your podcast:

After we prepare, we must plan and discuss the following in our next session:

Timelines and due dates

Research for the podcast 

The season 

Marketing and growth strategies 


Pre-production for your podcast: 

In this phase will discuss the following:


Simple Host coaching

Scripted content 



We are a remote podcast company. Therefore we record using a digital studio for a streamlined process. We will help you prepare your podcast equipment ahead of time for the sessions and we will be in session with you every step of the way with one of our audio engineers. The number of sessions will be determined by the number of episodes that will need to be recorded. 



Your audio has been recorded! Now, our editors make magic by cleaning and assembling your audio according to the episode format. We balance your audio with our sound design process. We even balance the sound to engage the chakras!


Prepare for launch!


We help you set up your RSS feed for distribution for all major podcast platforms. We use Spreaker as our host server for distribution. 


It is time for your podcast to be promoted across platforms and mediums. We are here to help you with the rollout by implementing the marketing strategies! 



If you decide to distribute with us, we also provide your stats. From geolocation to downloads, to listener retention, and more, we have your numbers for the duration of your podcast run.

Coaching and Educational Services 


Podcast Marketing 

Need assistance with marketing your podcast? We are here to help. With our marketing session, we are here to help you grow your podcast audience. Join us live in a 1:1 strategy session where we discuss in full a content strategy that works. Cost: $3,000

Ask Me Anything 1:1 Podcast Coaching Call

This call is designed for all clients (New, Current, Returning Clients) who need a 1:1 check-in to ask Porsha anything they'd like to know in regards to their podcast for an hour. Cost: $500

Host Coaching 

Ready to host but not sure how? Let us help you! Over the course of 4 coaching sessions of how to be a coach that makes an impact! Together we will make you the best podcast host ever. From breath control, to interview questions, planning, we got you covered. Next Cohort: May 2022. Cost: $4,000


So You Want to Make a Podcast Intensive Masterclass:

Are you trying to DIY your podcast? Join us for our 3-hour Intensive that will teach you the basics of podcasting and what you need. Enrollment May 2022. Cost $3,000

*Full Podcast Services require a 50% nonrefundable deposit at the time of signing. 

**All educational services and post-production services must be paid in full at the time of enrollment.