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August 23, 2016


I must be honest. I am deeply disturbed and disappointed in Nate Parker.

Many of us are now aware of the traumatizing rape incident, which occurred back in 1999, while Parker was a student at Penn State. Yet, almost 20 years later, it has somehow managed to creep into the public eye, just as Parker is receiving critical acclaim and praise for the upcoming release of The Birth of a Nation.

I must admit, before coming to my clear consciousness when the news broke, I found myself making excuses for Parker (even as a survivor).

I began to say: “It’s only allegations. He said he didn’t do it. She was probably a white girl who was mad at him. Right? He didn’t rape her. Of course not. He’s a black man on scholarship at a premier university. It’s a set up. There’s no way, right? If he did do it, he’s a black man striving for success, and in light of all that has happened to black men last month, in good faith, I should still support him and this movie, right? Right?!”