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August 18, 2016

This past week it was announced that my Alma Mater, Spelman College, would begin a task force regarding the admittance and enrollment of transgender students. If Spelman would approve this initiative, it would be historic.

Now, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. I have seen sisters (and brothers) throw the bible around, regarding sin, to justify the fact that this is not helpful for the institution.

As a pastor, I have this question: Since when does personal sin deny you the right to an education? I have learned, from Jesus, that some comments will require me to keep writing on the ground.**

But, I digress.

As it relates solely to the question of admitting transgender students:

There are Spelman graduates who are transgender. That is a fact. Their voices will be instrumental in this task force. Some grads gender bend. Their voices are of value. It would be helpful to have a variety of voices at the table to seriously consider where the college is headed.

The notion of a task force to engage the conversation of enrolling transgender women as students are incredible. As the leading institution for black women, Spelman is in a unique position as it relates to