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January 2, 2018

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7 Days of Kwanzaa: Kujichagulia

December 27, 2017



Habari Gani?! Kujichagulia! Self determination.

We are who we say we are
Our terms
Our way
We are who we define ourselves to be
Boldy Black
Proud people
We may not have physical land outlined with boarders
But what we do have is far greater than they could ever control
We reclaim our black bodies when brutally beaten
Outlined with chalk
Left for dead
Shackled and chained
We free ourselves
We reclaim our communities when they try to gentrify our spaces
Keep your Starbucks
Keep your Whole Foods
We reclaim our street corners and bodegas
These are our streets
We reclaim our time when time is taken and disrespected
We reclaim our heritage
We reclaim our fashion and our hair
We define ourselves
Free to live as we choose
Free from their influence
On our terms
We speak for us
We name ourselves 

We get to choose 
We are who we say we are




.... and as it pertains to Porsha, I do what I want. I say what I want, when I want, and how I want. Just so we’re clear.