Established in 2020, Porshanality Media was founded on the notion that a simple podcast could be a digital sacred space for the pulpitless preacher. With a faith foundation, Porshanality Media has expanded into the world of entertainment creating content that will uplift, pose the questions, and support our humanity.


Our mission as a media network is to produce humanity-centered audio content for organizations with originality, creativity, and imagination.

We are a podcast production house for the amplified collective sound of humanity.

We offer audio design, coaching, and creative visioning services.

We serve a variety of established entities from academic institutions, local churches, and corporate companies.  

Meet The Team


Porsha Williams Gates

Porsha is the CEO and Founder of Porshanality Media, LLC. She specializes in Podcasting, Audio Design. For Porsha, this is the work of her soul: to reimagine the pulpit and to spread the good news to everyone. She is a graduate of Spelman College and Yale University and she is a certified Reiki Healer. For more, visit her over at www.justporsha.com

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Kacia Huynh

Kacia is our Assistant Audio Producer! She graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania in 2020. She is passionate about supporting underrepresented and marginalized communities and wants to advocate for diversity and inclusion in all spaces. She is also a coffee addict and wants to find the best chocolate cake in the world. 

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Melissa Alatriste-sÁnchez

Melissa is our Executive Administrative Assistant and brings her expertise as a mechanical engineer to Porshanality Media. Melissa has a passion for serving humanity, the environment, animals, and all beings through data and systems management. Her wish for the future is that every professional sector operates on a people-first basis.

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Breanna is a Milwaukee native and brands herself as an interdisciplinary artist with an emphasis on dance, film, content creation, and writing. Her love for film and writing developed during her early years, in which she could always be found writing short stories, poems, or reenacting her favorite movie scenes. Breanna utilizes her practices as a method toward transformative healing (coming to terms with traumas, pain, and repressed thoughts for the betterment of self and others), which she hopes remains at the forefront of all of her work. Breanna is also a recent graduate from New York University, receiving her masters in Performance Studies in 2020.