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About Porsha D.

Who is Porsha D.?

a daughter,

a sister,

a friend,

a dog mom,

a pastor,

a writer, 

a podcaster,

a zeta, 

a womanist,


But more formally, Porsha D. Williams, better known as Porsha D., is the voice and the writer behind the Porshanality Brand.

While an English Major at Spelman College in Atlanta,GA., Porsha D. had a vision of becoming a blogger and a podcast host. For years, she flirted with the idea of making it happen in her spare time, but she decided to focus on her studies.

After graduation from Spelman in 2012, Porsha D. begun her ministerial journey as a seminarian at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, CT. While in seminary, a fellow classmate described her as having "Porshanality." And there it was: a name, a brand, a mood. 



After graduating from Yale in 2015, Porsha D. was ordained as a Baptist Minister and then went on to become the Pastor in Residence of the Mount Aery Baptist Church of Bridgeport, CT., where Rev. Dr. Anthony L. Bennett is the senior pastor. 

While serving at Mount Aery, in August of 2016, Porsha D. launched the Porshanality Blog, a space to discuss faith, culture, and adulting. In September of 2016, Porsha D. and fellow Yalie Jaimie D. Crumley partnered together to create a podcast for millennial women from the perspective of two clergy women. This podcast would come to be know as Just 2 Pearls 

Now, holding her passions for ministry, writing, and media, Porsha D. launched the Porshanality Podcast. The voice behind her blog would ow become the voice behind the microphone, sharing the good news of faith, culture, and adulting. 

In addition to writing and podcasting, Porsha D. serves as the Pastor to Youth and Children of the Bethany Baptist Church of Newark, NJ, where Rev. Timothy L. Jones is the pastor. 

Porsha D. is a contributing writer for Urban Ministries Inc., No Compromise Magazine, and for the Millennial Womanism Project, as well as a ghostwriter and freelance editor of several works. She has also been featured as a guest on several podcasts including the Alter Guild. 

For more information and for an official Bio and headshot for publishing, please feel free to contact Porsha D. at Porshanality@gmail.com.

a daughter, a sister, a friend, a dog mom,a pastor, a writer, a podcaster, a zeta, 

a womanist.