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Media Portfolio & Features 

Select Sermons

For Women Who Walk Away When Staying Is Not Enough- Watch Here 

Celebrate Anyhow- Watch Here

Mind Your Business- Watch Here

Divine Encounters: Prophetic Partnerships- Watch Here

When A Family Cares- Watch Here

Exodus Sermon Series: Wade In The Water 

Taking A Lesson From Tabitha- Watch Here

When Temptation Shows Up- Watch Here

Getting Creative- Watch here

In the Name of Jesus - Watch Here

How Can We Sing In A Strange Land- Watch Here

The Work of The Valley - Watch Here

Podcast Hosting

The Porshanality Podcast- Listen Here
God's Got Jokes TV Podcast- Watch Here
Just 2 Pearls Podcast - Listen Here

Podcast Production Credits

Lift Every Voice - Listen  Here

UMC Faith and Race Podcast- Listen Here

From Our Abuelas- Listen Here

Sensual Faith- Listen Here

Doing It Different- ListenHere

Say It Out Loud - Listen Here

Just 2 Pearls- Listen Here​ 

Fish Sandwich Heaven - Listen Here

Womanist Salon - ListenHere

Podcast Features

overlfo.  podcast with Timil Jones  - Listen Here

Sassy Spirituality with Tierney Jordan- Listen Here

Chatting Over Chowder - Listen Here

The Ministry Collaborative - Listen Here

NYC Is Dead Podcast - Listen Here

Minding Mine with Bria - Listen Here

Doing It Different with PTS - Listen Here

Altar Guild Podcast - Listen Here


Fidela- Read Here

Oprah Daily - Read Here

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary - Read Here

Get Clear in August Digital Sabbatical- Read Here

Women Leading Change- Read Here

Base - Read Here

Interviews & Panels

Politics of Jesus at Trinity United Church of Christ - Watch Here

Disrupting The Silence with Hartford International- Watch Here

Afros and Audio - Watch Here

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