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Creative Clergy Coaching Call
Increase Your Creative Capacity

Are you a clergy person seeking to infuse creativity into your ministry?

Are you a pastor who seeks to align your clerical call with creative vision

Are you an artist who seeking to take a spiritual approach to your work?


If you so, this is for YOU!

Invest In Your Creativity​ Today!

The Creative Clergy Coaching Call


Designed to awaken your capacity to merge your spiritual journey with your creative aspirations.

Possible Strategy Topics For Creative Cultivation:

  • Spiritual Growth and Development: Explore the spiritual aspects of your creative journey and personal growth.

  • Ministry Challenges: Address the unique challenges faced by clergy members and develop strategies to navigate them effectively.

  • Sermon and Worship Planning: Collaboratively brainstorm creative ideas and themes for your sermons and worship services.

  • Leadership and Professional Development: Enhance your leadership skills and professional growth within your clerical role.

  • Personal Well-being: Discuss self-care and stress management techniques to maintain your well-being while serving your congregation.


Rev. Porsha Williams Gates


With over 10 years of ordained ministry experience, I have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with aligning your clerical call with creativity. With a background in Creative Writing and Public Theology, I am here to guide and support you on this transformative journey.


Ready to Align Your Clerical Call with Creativity?

The Creative Clergy Coaching Call program offers you the opportunity to embrace your creative side and infuse it into your ministry. Take the first step in aligning your clerical call with your creative vision.


Limited Availability

I have limited slots available for the Creative Clergy Coaching Call. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your ministry and personal growth.

Book Your Creative Clergy Call Today

A Single Session Investment

$ 375 For 60 mins

"I am immensely grateful for Porsha's guidance in aligning my pastoral call with creativity. I'm a writer at heart, and I have a few projects that I am ready to launch. The insights and strategies she provided are top notch for reimagining aging ministry." - A.J. Presbyterian Minister 
Image by Jess Bailey

No Full Refunds Given On Services

I believe in the value of the Creative Clergy Call program. If you're unsatisfied after your first session, we can cancel any remaining sessions booked. However, no refunds will be given for sessions attended.

Elevate Your Ministry with Creativity

Your journey to align your clerical call with creativity starts here. Contact me now to book your Creative Clergy Call session and embark on a transformative path of spiritual and creative growth.

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